5 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Pictures Better

Camera phones have come a long way.  Below are some of basic rules that I use to get the best images out of mine:

1: Lighting

In general, food looks better when it appears ‘clean’. Don’t let it get contaminated with dark shadows, orangey tungsten, or green-y fluorescent lights. Remove these unwanted colorings by discovering the white balance settings on your camera, or use natural (sun) light instead of the common manufactured light sources (lightbulbs).

Lighting Monreal Focus-IT

2: Getting Level

Though not a strict rule, objects tend to become more interesting when photographed from an unusual angle, which means anything but eye-level is an improvement. It is, however, easier to lower yourself than to float into the air for the sake of a good shot, so getting lower, or at least level with the object adds interest.

Focus-IT Photo Tip 1: Lighting


3: Focus

Nothing has ruined more of my photos than hurriedly snapping a picture which looks fine on my pocket-sized phone screen, only to later give it a closer look and find that has morphed into a blurry and smeared abomination. Dark lighting is frequently the culprit of such pictures, so take special care to take your time, hold the phone steady, and give it a chance to focus properly before snapping the picture.

Focus-IT Photo Tip 3: Focus

4: Get Closer

Here is an excuse to include my dog in this post example of how a closer-cropped picture can up the impact of your photo. Like all the others, this isn’t a strict rule. There are many striking wide-angle images out there, but I find that creating a closer-cropped picture simplifies things by making it obvious what the focal point is, and not having to worry about what to do with background objects.


5: Make Them Smile

The focal point of any photo of a person is their eyes, so make them light up. On the left you have what any warm-blooded American citizen does when you point a camera at their face and say ‘1, 2, 3…smile’. On the right is what happens when you don’t tell them when you’re taking the picture and tell them a joke instead. We can all subconsciously tell the difference between a smile that is forced and one that is genuine, because of the eyes.


That’s it. Happy snapping!

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