Cisco Unified Communications

The following information was concluded from a 2013 Fonality study:

  • 50% of the time wasted on employees trying to contact customers and colleagues can be saved.
  • 25% of the time wasted by employees trying to get information can be saved.
  • 75% of the time wasted on duplicating the same actions can be saved.
  • 25% of unwanted communications can be saved.

More and more small- and medium-sized businesses are reaping the benefits of implementing Unified Communications Systems in the workplace, combining telephony, instant messaging, business data, audio/web/video conferencing, and more. This cuts down on the 74 minutes per day the average employee spends trying to contact co workers and colleagues, and the 67 minutes per day spent trying to find key information.

Focus-IT can provide an evaluation of your goals to determine a cost-effective and customized unified communications solution for you. Call us today!

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