Amazon Echo Takes Voice Recognition Software To The Next Level

The race to laziness has never before seen such enthusiasm.  Online retail behemoth,, has been rigorously testing its wall-powered, voice-operated device called the Echo. Only available upon invitation, which are only available to Amazon Prime members, the Echo advertises all the appeal that Jawbone’s Jambox had circa their release (i.e., hands-free calling, loud-yet-compact music amazon-echo-product-photos-17capabilities, sleek design), but with an added bonus: Echo is omnipotent.
Okay, so there is really no such thing as omnipotent; however, Amazon’s Echo maintains a constant connection to the Internet, allowing it to answer questions by retrieving your information from the Web. A user must simply say “Alexa” and follow up with a request, be it creating a list for future use, modifying calendar events, or checking tonight’s forecast. The device boasts seven microphones that are advertised as being capable of understanding speech from other rooms throughout a household or office.

While voice recognition technology is not uncommon in today’s tech world, good voice recognition certainly is. With the top contenders belonging to Google, Apple, and Microsoft, offered some insight as to its performance in their online review of the Echo. Their analysis determined that Amazon’s “Alexa” is both competent and comfortable and that she is more natural sounding than any of her competitors. This comes as a bit of a surprise as both Apple and Google have a sickeningly larger number of users of their voice technologies and have been able to say so for quite some time now.
The latest updates to Echo have answered the prayers of many thanks to the inclusion of voice control for Spotify, Pandora, and other music-streaming applications that, before, required manual operation through the Bluetooth-connected device. That, and you can play Simon Says. A round of applause for Amazon.

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  1. Great article. I didn’t even know Amazon was a contender in the field. I’m a prime member, so I’ll be looking into this. Well-written and obviously well-researched article. Thanks!

  2. Not only is the article informative, but found it well-written, a phenomenon that is becoming rarer these days. Techie articles oftentimes are dull and boring. This author has done a great job and has made the subject matter so much more interesting. Kudos to the author.

  3. Very interesting article. Technology advances and staying abreast of them is not easy for those of us outside of the tech circles. Keep the information and well written articles like this coming.

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