Humanity Can Now Experience the HTC One M9

To the lucky consumers who decided on the HTC One M8 as their new 2-year-contract phone, I have news for you: the M9 is here, and she’s as beautiful as you expect.

Smartphone users were blown away by their experience with the M8, which was released by HTC mid-2014. The sleek, “unibody” device did nothing but cause a small ripple immediately after its initial release. That all changed once the public had a cHTC One M9hance to experience the device and its many useful features in their everyday lives. The next thing you know, the One holds the title for #1 Smartphone of 2014, as dubbed by multiple tech-centric websites. The rest is history.

Now, one year and millions of fans later, HTC is dangling the One M9 just out of reach. US consumers will get their hands on the One M9 on Friday, the 17th, while only the Chinese will receive the release of the One M9+, the flagship’s larger cousin whose release date remains undisclosed. This is an unusual move for the company, as the United States would likely be a more fruitful market. But, at least we get the flagship. The M9 is reported to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 gigabytes of RAM to back it up. The company stuck with their 1080p screen, resisting the industry-wide pressure to insert a 2k or 4k display into their flagship phone; this is a reasonable compromise, as 1080p is still very much HD, especially when packed into a screen that fits in the palm of your hand. Additionally, the lesser-quality screen will greatly preserve battery life. A former co-worker once said to me “If you can see the pixels in a 1080p phone screen, there’s something wrong with you.” I agree with him.

With all of the hype and excitement surrounding this release, it is too early to get a real feel for this phone and its true, everyday usefulness. This will be gauged by the general public over the next few months and HTC just might walk away with another Phone of the Year award.

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