Great Big List Of Apps We Like

OK, maybe its not so big. But it is pretty great.

I surveyed the Focus-IT crew, and here are a few of our favorite¬† apps. Some more practical, and some just for fun, they each have a special place in somebody’s smartphone:

Alien BlueReddit/Alien Blue: A favorite destination of many an internet-surfer, Reddit proclaims itself to be ‘The front page of the internet’ and in my opinion, delivers on this claim. A large message board where anyone may post nearly any content imaginable, Reddit is good for acquiring the latest news or viral video sooner than your Facebook-dependent friends. Users may customize their experience by subscribing to subreddits, which are sections of the site dedicated to specific types of information ranging from funny pictures to interior design to calligraphy. Arguably, Reddit’s greatest claim to fame is the ability to take perfectly good, productive time, and make it disappear.

funimationFunimation: This app is an essential part of any anime-fan’s diet. Funimation features clips, trailers, and promotional episodes from the anime series of your choice, and allows you to adorn your life with cartoon wonder from your tablet. Newsfeeds, HD, and more await you with this one-way ticket to media heaven.

officemobileOffice Mobile: The power of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the palm of your hand. Edit your documents on the go and embrace your status as a busy professional by skipping the laptop altogether and running your empire from your phone. Functions such as graphics, comments, and formatting remain accessible and allows you to access your documents as if you were at home.

ciscojabberCisco Jabber: Focus-IT uses Jabber as our primary interoffice communication tool. The functionality of Cisco TelePresence and WebEx can also be harnessed with your phone or tablet through the Cisco Jabber app. Integrated voice, IM, presence, and conferencing make Cisco Jabber a key player in any mobile communications strategy.

Adobe ColorAdobe Color: Recently renamed from ‘Adobe Kuler’, this app appeals to the more visually-influenced. Aim your camera phone at any scene and this app will present you with a custom color scheme pulled from the tones in the image your camera sees. View color schemes inspired from scenes nearby by pairing this app with the Apple Watch. Be a cool person. Download this app.

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