Eight Tech Facts You Might Not Know

I have scoured the Earth (or, the portion of it available on the internet) to bring you a few things that I found interesting:

1. TIL there is a satellite orbiting Earth that is predicted to re-enter the atmosphere in 8.4 million years, carrying a message addressed to the beings/humans and civilizations of the future.Read More Here

2. Apple’s iPad retina display is manufacturing by Samsung.

3. A group of gamers prevented the closure of Halo 2 servers by  refusing to log out. They played constantly and kept the multiplayer alive for an extra month.

4. The first computer mouse was made of wood on November 17th, 1970 by Douglas (Englebart). It was used with a primitive Xerox computer system in 1973.

5. The blue bird that serves as Twitter’s mascot is named ‘Larry’, after NBA player Larry Bird.

6. The U.S. army has an Autonomous Robot Sniper System – a robot helicopter. It can fire 10 sniper rounds a second & is controlled via an Xbox 360 pad.

7. Apple’s co-founder sold all his shares for $800. Today, they would have been worth 35 billion.

8. It would take you 31 days to read every Tweet posted on any particular day.

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