Level I and Level II Helpdesk

• Remote Issue Resolution
o Whether by Level I/Level II (helpdesk and on-site staff) or Level III (advanced engineering). Most issues can be resolved utilizing remote desktop-like services. Our engineering staff will remain on the phone with our business partners and simultaneously remote into their PC to resolve issues as rapidly as possible.
• Responsive On-Site Visits
o FIT engineers will respond to advanced Level I/II/III issues with a responsive on-site visit in the event that an issue cannot be resolved remotely.
• Scheduled On-Site Visits
o While the majority of IT-related issues can be resolved with a call or email to the FIT helpdesk, some may require an on-site visit. Based on the number of end-users and business partner requirements, FIT develops a custom schedule for weekly, monthly, or quarterly on-site visits from our technicians. Additionally, FIT uses the on-site visits to perform proactive maintenance, deploy new technology, and to deepen our personal relationships with our business partners.

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