Telepresence/Video Conferencing

• Better than being there
• Reduce travel costs
• Face-to-face communication
• Assess, Design, and Implementation
• We work with the premier company (Cisco) for video conferencing
• Native integration with Unified Communications
• Market leadership (get data from Ben)
• Scalability from single-person to immersive experiences
• Trending of work-from-home/remote worker
o Value of being able to work as if they are in the office
• Collaboration with desktop sharing
• Compatible with Cloud web conferencing options
• Remote expert
• Empowers business with agile workgroups to collaborate across geographical borders.
• Assess
o Enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions
o Room and audience size evaluation
o Network assessment
o Multi-site endpoint and head end assessment
o Path discovery
• Design
o QOS settings

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