Managed IT Service

Whether it’s the business owner or the lone “IT guy,” there are glaring risks that accompany the single-person management format. In some instances, the business growth is too great for the “IT guy,” requiring solutions beyond their skill level. However, the worst-case scenario is one in which the lone IT serviceperson goes rogue, inflicting harm on the business. Likely wielding control over the company’s most valuable data, they are the most equipped to damage your business. At some point, the stakes become too high to be entrusted to one person. Focus-IT provides the next step for your business growth, with Focus-IT Managed Services.

Managed Security Services

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Managed Intelligent Building Service

You often hear that those businesses willing to adapt to changes in technology are more likely to succeed. This is true, and for more than one reason. Technology solutions, when designed and implemented correctly, save businesses money in ways never before considered. Focus-IT’s Intelligent Building Services allow you to:

  • Monitor power consumption metrics

  • Remotely and automatically control lights

  • Automate HVAC operations

  • Discover and eliminate unnecessary cost

  • Control security features from anywhere