Focus-IT Managed Security Services Partner (FIT-MSSP)

What is a Managed Security Services Provider?

An MSSP is an IT service business that specializes in providing security-as-a-services offerings for their customers.

Focus-IT, MSSP, provides:

  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) that detect and prevent identified threats


  • Web content filtering that blocks access to web content that may be deemed offensive, inappropriate, or even dangerous


  • Endpoint Protection that identifies and manages users’ device access


  • Anti-virus (AV) prevents, searches for, detects, and removes software viruses and other malicious software like worms, trojans, adware, and more.


  • Anti-spam that prevents email spam (unsolicited bulk email)


  • Firewalls (NGFWs) that monitor and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network, such as the Internet.


  • A virtual private network (VPN) enables private networks and users to securely send and receive data across shared or public networks


  • Configuration management that our systems engineers process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.


  • A variety of testing such as penetration testing and vulnerability scans


  • Security features such as risk assessments, GAP analysis, access management, security updates and compliance
Focus-IT MSSP also including training and education of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access.